• Entry materials for categories 1 – 12 and 16 - 49 must be anonymous.
  • Inclusion of company names and addresses anywhere in or on the entry materials other than the entry form is forbidden, with the exception of entries for the Sales, Marketing and Merchandising categories.
  • Do not include company names or logos on floor plans, digital images, or in project descriptions. Any floor plans, digital images or project descriptions in these categories that include company names will not be judged.
  • Complete the online entry form first before you label any entry materials.
  • We encourage you to use unique project names not home addresses or street names.

The online entry form will provide you with an auto-generated ID number to label the remaining materials for each entry (i.e. for category 20, you are entrant number 0001. Please mark all remaining entry requirements for category 20- with only the code 20-0001) followed by project name followed by 1. 2. 3 etc. (i.e. 20-0001-Hudson-1, 20-0001-Hudson-2)

  • Information given on the entry form will be printed exactly as submitted for news releases, newspapers, publications, certificates and trophies. Take extra care to ensure all spelling is correct before you submit each entry. Do not use UPPERCASE.
  • CHBA-CO will not make any corrections after the entry has been submitted.
  • Any member of CHBA-CO in good standing can enter any award category, except Grand Housing Awards, but must be accompanied by the proper form (i.e. Homeowner Permission Form, Builder Permission Form and/or Renovator Permission Form). For categories 20 – 28, a Renovator Permission Form must be submitted if the Renovator is not the primary entrant. For categories 14 – 19 and 29 – 42, a Builder Permission Form must be submitted if the Builder/Developer is not the primary entrant. Should the project be contracted out to a Builder and/or Renovator, in order for the entry to be accepted, must have the proper Permission Form submitted.