12. Excellence in Residential Building Design

CHBA-CO Okanagan Housing Awards 2023 | CHBA Central Okanagan


This award recognizes member projects in the design stage. All projects must be commissioned by a client with the intention to build the submitted proposal. All residential building types are eligible.

  • Completed online entry
  • 14 digital images that best represent the project
  • Drawings including site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations and/or model views
  • Completed Homeowner and/or Builder Permission Form
Criterion Weight
Exterior: Architectural detailing & features, curb appeal, choice/use of materials 25.0%
Interior: Creative use of space, unique building design features 25.0%
Overall: Functionality of floor plan and overall use of space in overall building design, 25.0%
Environmental considerations/techniques used at construction 25.0%