11. Excellence in Creating a Feature/Innovation in a Home

CHBA-CO Okanagan Housing Awards 2023 | CHBA Central Okanagan


Innovative feature is characterized by the introduction of an inventive feature, space, method, element or product that enhances the residential project or building process and results in a unique effect or feature. This category looks at features, which are seen to be unique and could be applied to other residential projects.

  • Must be Code Compliant
  • Completed online entry
  • 14 digital images that best represent the project
  • Floor and/or site plan
  • Completed Homeowner and/or Builder Permission Form
  • Project Value of Innovative Feature
Criterion Weight
Explain in detail the concept that created the inspiration for this innovative feature 33.3%
Unique design features and elements 33.3%
Choice of material 33.3%