29. Excellence in Single Family Detached Home Under $750K

CHBA-CO Okanagan Housing Awards 2023 | CHBA Central Okanagan


The square footage of the home includes the main and upper floors but excludes the garage and unfinished basement areas. Categories 29 – 36 may include new forms of housing such as laneway homes, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes and fee simple strata.

  • Have a BC Housing Licence currently in Good Standing
  • Completed online entry
  • 14 digital images that best represent the project
    • Two (2) showing exterior
    • Eight (8) showing interior
    • Four (4) of your choice
  • Floor and/or site plan
  • Completed Homeowner Permission Form
  • Completed Builder Permission Form
  • Completed Budget Sheet
Criterion Weight
Exterior: architectural character, curb appeal and integration of the project into its setting 20.0%
Interior: creative and innovative use of space including architectural detail and form 20.0%
Functionality of floor plan 20.0%
Environmental considerations (energy, comfort and health) 20.0%
Construction details/techniques to achieve industry best practices 20.0%